Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photos of updated kitchen and fireplace



As you know i am moving in june.. I showed my kitchen photo and ask about the yellow kitchen as to weather i should paint it or not. I did.. I painted it an off white light taupe color. I also did the fireplace as well.. What happened with the house ,was this, we let some people move in that were suppose to be buying it, well they did not get the money so they had to move out. But they took it upon themselves to paint the living room before having the ownership .. They painted the walls dark brown (which did not look too bad, just to dark of a color for me) and they painted our red brick fireplace... I always wanted to paint it, but was not allowed.. lol    It was a dingy dirty color ... I went in and painted the walls the same color as i did my kitchen and dining room, and then painted the fireplace white, well i did not like the fireplace white with the red tiles.. So i either had to repaint the fireplace, or replace the tile.. I bought some tile to replace the red ones with.. But just as i was about to take a hammer to the red tiles, i saw my curtains..  they have a taupe background with red roses in them.. how well they blended.. I said oh.. I just need to paint the fireplace the same color as the walls and leave the red tiles.. That is what i did.. It does blend in real well now..

I painted the fireplace white at first so when i repainted it, i left the white in the grout lines and painted the top of the brick with the taupe.. For now i am happy with it, as i just have way to much to do .. I know i will have things sitting on the fireplace tiles any way and you won't even be able to see them..  So here are before and after photos of kitchen and dining room.The dining room was a kinda peachy color and it is now the same as the kitchen, and living room, just did not take a photo of it. So the one you see here is the before..
I did not take photos of the living room before i repainted it.. but believe me it was dark and cave like  .I will show more photos after we get moved in.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds

Here are a couple of fabulous finds for my friday out...  With having to paint, and pack for moving next month, i just really don't have much time for thrifting.. I had , and i mean had to go into town for groceries . So i stopped in the Paws Inn, which is a flea market type store to raise money for a no kill shelter. they just put these out right before i walked in the door. This throw or coverlet, or what ever it is, is hand made and just so wonderful..It is pretty large and the other photo is the edging all the way around it.  I did not know if it was worth getting, as it was stained up and smelled pretty bad.. But i took the chance.. It was not much or i would not have taken the chance. It turned out very nice..  I also got this handmade round table cover, it is just as wonderful ... HOpe you all have a wonderful weekend.. I know i will ,  as it is finally stopped raining. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some new additions

Here are a few new additions.. And i did not even know i was getting these.. Surprise... There are 8 in all.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Here is wishing each of you a very special day today..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stranger things have happend to me.

But sometimes we have to sit back and wonder why... I was getting ready to go over to the house and start my painting.. I realized we did not have the water on yet... So hubby goes and takes care of that, only to find out that we have busted pipes.. Well some of the busted pipes are up stairs.. So we have to tear out the living room ceiling to fix those. Round here in arkansas, we say.. well if it ain't one pig it's two sal's...   Any way now we have to see if our insureance will pay for what we have to do... If not, it will just be a longer drawn out process to getting moved like we planned. LIke i said "Stranger things have happend"