Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 1st new publication. Check it out.

April 1st the new publication for the online Victorian Etc.. Magazine will be released.
You will want to make sure to visit here  to read the online magazine 
and  find out much more about the Victorian era.

Or here to  visit the Shoppes http://www.victorianheartshoppe.com/second.html

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Plaster Rose Painted.

I painted one of the Plaster roses.. I tried to make it really soft and aged looking.  I see now some touch ups i need to do. Let me know what you think..


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Needle Point Pillow Makeover... Mabey

I have three vintage needlepoint pillow that i got at a thrift store. They have pretty rose needlepoint work on them but some lace i am not to fond of. I took the lace off of one and put some colorful trim around it.. Tell me if this is just to much color or is it making the needlepoint stand out more.  I don't have enough trim to do all three pillows to match, but one does not need it.  The first photo is the before photo...


Something I have been wanting to do for a long time

I had this candlestick..

Then i found these cups.

I put the cups and saucers on the candle stick... You have to forgive the sticky white adhesive stuff showing under the cups.

Next i put some flowers , that don't have any flowers on them yet, in the cups.. I may change out the flowers to some violets when i see some at the garden center. I did not use epoxy on the cups and saucers as i did not know for sure if i would like this. But i do.. I may want to take them off in the future. So i will just try this for now.

I also found this sweet green planter that looks like a bag that has been drawn up.. I will use it for something in the garden.. I hope each of you are doing great this weekend.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Fantastic Giveaway..

This is a wonderful post from Cathy Scalise at Treasured Heirlooms

What better way to celebrate than to do it with friends. As you know, once you become a blogger, you make hundreds of wonderful and talented, kind and generous, warm and caring FRIENDS. For the past three years my "blogging" friends have shared my heartaches, brought me joy, sent me outstanding creations which I will treasure forever, but most importantly have become a huge part of my life. And for that I thank you.

Please CELEBRATE my joy in being featured in "COTTAGE STYLE" magazine. The best part about this feature was that I had "no idea" they were publishing it until about two weeks ago when Harris Publications called to confirm my website address. At that time they explained that their Annual Issue of "Cottage Style" would be featuring my home in the "ROMANTIC" section of the upcoming issue. Needless to say, I was screaming and jumping around the house. I am honored to be featured in this gorgeous magazine.

To Celebrate this wonderful news with my blogging friends ~ I've decided to have a huge "Give-Away".
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My goal for 2010 is to have at least 1,000 people "Following" my blog. I know that is a bit of a stretch, but I'm going to give it a go by starting today. So, here are the things you can do to be entered in the first "BIG GIVE-AWAY".

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Paint or Not

I have had these two beautiful (plaster)? roses for some time now. Packed away in a box.  I could never decide to paint them or not.  They are kind of a really really pale peachy pink now..  What would you do to them.. Leave them as is, or paint them.. If you would paint them, would you paint the roses and also the leaves? Leaves green i mean... I think they would really pop if they were painted , but i have no clue what to do with them. They are heavy and  they have a hanger wire on the back.  Just want other opinions.

It is Wacky Weather here

WE will have 70 degree weather here in Arkansas today and Saturday,but late Saturday evening into Sunday morning we have a winter storm watch.. lol...It would be pretty to see snow on the ground with the yellow daffodils peeking through.. It won't last long and it will be gone.

When we were trying to sell our home(well we still are). We had some people that were going to buy it, they wanted to go ahead and move in as the closing got moved to another day and there they were with all their stuff and no place to go. They came from another state. They went ahead and moved in, which was fine with us, they were buying it.. Well that is what they thought and us too. NOPE their deal fell through on their end and they had to leave.. IN the mean time, the lady took it upon herself to paint the living room and the fireplace.. Yep she painted out fireplace.. Now i had always wanted to paint the fireplace my self, but was not allowed to. She painted the walls a chocolate color and the fireplace an off white.. It was the going colors around here .. I guess it still is, but am going to have to live with that color for a while .. My walls were a cream color before. It made the room much larger looking. Although the room is 15 by 30.. It is a long narrow room. Well 15 feet wide is not to bad, i had two sitting areas in it .I can live with the color on the walls and the fireplace as our couch and love seat are a  wheat color or tan , i don't know for sure. lol

I am not even sure we will move back but a woman has to start thinking about these things you know.. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have no idea what i did.. But i have lost each and everyone of my Blog List ... I was just adding a new blogger and something happened and it whipped off all my list.. Oh my .. I will have to start over with two years of adding of my friends and great blogs.. Oh my.. I can only hope i find you all again..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can Anyone help me out with this

I am wanting to put windows media player on my blog. or some kind of player that i can add my own music to. I had a player on here at one time, but you could not add music from your computer to it. And that is what i want to do. If i am mistaken and you can add music to the player i had i hope someone can show me how. I am really wanting this..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Rheas Easter Swap.. And my Pretties

I joined in Miss Rheas Easter basket swap and my partners were Janet Bernasconi and Liz Droege .. I had a blast reading on their blogs and finding out some things about them.. Like how talented they are and what they love to create and collect.  loved your blogs ladies.  I received my Easter basket and goodies from Lizzie already and wanted to show you how wonderful a job she did to please me. She made me a basket of the yogurt cup that we had to use. She covered it with crepe paper and glitter and hand made paper flowers. She put inside a handmade strawberry..  I love the cupcakes she has been making and was wanting one. She gave me some pretty fabric and paper flowers and some pink beads that i will make something wonderful with. I love the sweet pink string wrapped egg she made with glitter. Yes i was very pleased when i opened my package.. Thank you LIzzie.

Do you plant a garden.. A veggie garden that is.

We have just spent the weekend getting the ground ready for planting a garden. Since we just moved here and it is new ground there are a lot of rocks to be picked up and stumps to grind up, and tree roots to pick up .  We will never pick up all the rocks , no one does.  But the ground is tilled.. It will be a rather large garden, but i want it that way , as i will plant many things.  We will eat what we can, and can what can't.. But then too we will eat what we can... lol...

I will plant extra just for the rabbits.. They love fresh veggies.. Lettuce , spinach,carrots, radishes.. Yep they like radish... Any way i will show you as we go along.. Even if we move i will still come over here and do the garden, it is only a twenty minute drive.... Of course Rowdy has to strike a pose for you..  

Friday, March 12, 2010

I might be moving again.

We moved in August of last year to ten acres. We had plans of building here on the ten acres . We have been trying to sell our home in the other town for over a yr. now.  It looks like we may have to move back in it , if it don't sell in a few weeks.

We love it out here in the woods.. Our dog has so much room to roam and the chickens too.  We had really thought our house would sell fast, but has not been the case.  I loved our house it was a four bedroom on one acre and had a large shop and out buildings for storage.. It has the most wonderful front porch on it.

As some of you that follow my blog know, we were hit in Feb. of last yr. by a tornado or straight line winds that  done a lot of damage to our home. Insurance paid up and we fixed all the damage . The only thing we could not fix was the large pecan and oak trees we lost . So there are very few trees left on the place..  

I am not real excited about moving back except for the fact that we will go back to a large home instead of a mobile home.  Our dreams of building a cabin will be put on hold for a while..

Well like i said it is just a Maybe situation . Decisions still have to be made or the house could sell in the next few weeks..  Lot's of  mixed emotions about this whole deal.. But what ever we decide we will be ok with it.  Any way here  is the house for those of you that have not seen it. there were no flowers on the porch at the time of this photo. They had just finished repairs and it was still to cold for flowers. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice In Wonderland NO COMMENT

lol.. i can make no comment because we went last night to see it.  We went to the late show and bought our tickets.. Went down the hall to the left , last door on the left.. Went inside looked around, turned around , went right back out and had to get our money back.. NO SEATS.. Why do they sell you tickets when there are no seats left.. Don't they know how many tickets they have for that perticular movie .. I guess they don't .. Anyway we will have to wait until next weekend now.   I am so excited about seeing it.. I hope each of you have a great weekend.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursdays Treasures.

I went out to errands and of course stopped in our great thrift store called "THE BARKIN BARN" it is a place that sells thrift store and collectibles to raise money for the no kill shelter for animals..  I love going there.. I found 5 pair of vintage genuine leather ladies gloves, ONe from France and one from Italy. Two pair from philipines and one that has no marks on them. They are all so supple and nice for vintage gloves.  These are for a very petite small framed lady. Or a young girl. There are three black pair and two navy. I am not going to post the photos here , but if you would like to see them just go over to my website and click on vintage hats and gloves.. You will find them there.  I also found some sweet toilet paper roll cover dolls, some vintage young girls patterns and some very pretty pink fabric.. A few rolls of ribbon as well. I am only posting photos of the two dolls. They have a sideways glance and just a tiny pucker on their lips.. So cute.  I hope each of you have a great day and weekend.. It is going to be in the 60's here .. I am going to be lovin' that.