Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting so forgetful these days

I meant to add a few sweet things i have to my last post. I love vintage nursery planters and have a couple that i love a lot. I also made a Scarlet Ohara Saftey Pin doll, which is not complete yet. I do not know about hair and a face yet.. But here are my photos.

Cold, Icey, White,brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Good morning all, hope this day finds each of you in good health and happiness. I am trying a new color for my blog, I am so in love with pink and aqua right now. I have some old sheets that are aqua with pink, yellow, cream and pale green on them. I took my sheet with me to wal-mart and had them scan the aqua color on the sheet to get some paint that exact color.. I am saving it for when we get moved , to paint something with.. lol,i have no clue yet what it will be. Attached is the sheet i scanned for you to see..
Well most of the north part of arkansas has been without power for two days now. They are talking that it could be at least a week for some rual parts of the state to have power restored. There was a bad ice storm here in 2000, but they say this one has that one beat . Red cross has set up places for people to go,to at least stay warm and have warm food to eat. Weather man said this morning we will have highs in teh 50's today for most part of the state, and sunny conditions for a few days, so at least that is a big step to getting things back to normal.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Made some changes

Well i made some changes to my blog and it took away all my comments.. Sorry yall, i had no idea that would happen.. Any way, i may change it a few more times too. I am getting very unsatisfied with things lately. I don't know why, except for the fact that i am packing away a lot of pretty things i love to look at each day, and my life has somewhat become bland in my home.. OH well, never fear, i can always come and look at each of your pretties.. I do not know waht i am going through, but i find myself saying, i think i will just delete my websites and my blog and be done with it all, since i am moving.. you know kinda like whipe the slate clean.. But I can't.. I say to my self.. "Self, you would be sorry if you do that" haha well it is all still here for right now. I may get a wild hair.. One never knows about a woman with hormones and about to turn 50 in a week.. WOW.. Where did time go.. Yall have a great day.. We are iced in here in arkansas...

Monday, January 26, 2009

One more for today

I have this sweet statue that i am going to paint and put out in my rose garden at our new property. I need some suggestions from you ladies that have an eye for this kind of thing. How would you paint this, and would you put a bowl of some kind on top where the candle holder is , to put bird seed in? Or would you just leave it for a candle? Or What would you do with it? Love to get your ideas.. Here is a nice cap for you to wear..
you know a thinking cap...haha Have a great day.. Sheila

Just a few Of my Favorite Dolls

Well it is not all dolls. I have a few stuffed toys i like simply because i liked the movie or because they are pink... I have a lullaby doll from the 1979 that has the pull string and the doll plays music and it's head moves.. I remember the thumbalina doll from when i was a baby, well a toddler. I did not like it at all, my mom said..

I have a sweet, pink, blue eyed doll i found at the thrift store. Those blue eyes got me.. But she was only 1 dollar.. I also have a porclein doll that has the same blue eys, she is in my collection as well.. Ty babies, yes i have one. My Ty, is Isabella, she is dressed up in a sweet animal print fur coat. Then i have a Macdonalds Chenille Kitty cat, from the talking animals collections. I have a verry pretty musical clown. This clown is dressed in a beautiful roses print and has gold pointed toe shoes on. This clown plays "A TIME FOR US" I also have a pink cat in the hat fish, and of course Piglett .. I do have a very old Whinnie Pooh bear ,and a very old stuffed pony, but they are already packed up for the move.. A few things that sit on my bed that make me smile..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It has been a Creative day

Just wanted to show ya what i made.. I love all the fake or faux cakes, so i made me one.. Also i have my grandmothers spice jar holder.. It was all wood , with plastic lids that looked like wood on them.. well a little white paint and some sweet candy colors for the lids and i have a sweet gumdrop desk top organizer. The two pink and aqua umbrellas are from avon, i have had these for many years.. These are sachets and they were lavendar for many years.. Well until today. lol.. Just a few things i managed to create today , as it is only 20 degrees outside today.. So staying in and keeping warm..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


WEll i took a long walk down my driveway yesterday with a sign in hand and a hammer or should i say a Big sledge hammer and pounded a For Sale sign in the yard.. I am so excited about going to our new property. Leaving this wonderful house behind is only going to hurt for a little while. I am hoping for a quick sale. We have tons of work to do but Spring is not to far away and i am itching to be out on our 10 acres.. One thing i am not sure about is if we will have access to the INTERNET out there.. I sure hope so, but if we don't i guess i can get use to not having it again.. Was without it for many many years. I will have to give up my website, and blogging and that is the hardest part.. The internet just has so much information to access at your fingertips.. Well we will see how it all plays out. But for right now I will enjoy all the time i have ... I will check back in soon , as i have so much to do and so little time to do it.. None of you have that problem , do you? haha Sheila

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pet Peeves Do you have any????

I have one that tops them all.. My biggest pet peeve is when you are in a conversation with someone, and someone else walks up and interrupts. The person you were talking to, walks off with the other person and leaves you standing there like you never even existed.. Another one for me is when a person walks by and ask you how have you been and never even waits for a reply, just keeps walking... Why do they even ask??? Ok my last one. But i have many more.. lol... When someone is in the kitchen, unwraps a candy bar, or anything and throws the wrapper on the counter when they are two steps away from the trash can... Go figure.....

Well i know i have many that probably get on peoples nerves as well.. Just had to have something to get some feed back on this morning.. So let me have it.. hahah Sheila

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunrise January 14th 2009

Well if you look back a couple of post you will see a sunset i snapped. This morning when the sun was coming up it was just a beautiful if not more so... Just love digital cameras for instant gratification. Just wanted to share. Sheila

New Book is out

This is to announce the release of a new book written by my step mom Lula White Poor. This has been a long time in the making, as a matter of a fact all her life.. She shares her families good times and bad times, the fun of growing up as Lula White and what life was like in general as a Sharecroppers Daughter.. Here is a little paragraph to give you and example.
Sharecropper's Daughterby Lula White Poor
"Did you ever ride a pig…drink milk straight from a cow…tear the seat out of your pants while sliding down the barn roof? No? Meet someone who did. In Sharecropper’s Daughter, Lula White Poor gives readers a candid look at growing up the daughter of a sharecropper in eastern Arkansas. Lula and her brothers lived in shacks provided by the landowners their daddy worked for each year. In the early 1930s and ’40s, the school calendar for Lula and her brothers revolved around the harvest, and kids were trusted with responsibility and freedom at a young age. This meant a lot of hard work and growing up fast, but it also meant a whole lot of fun. Lula and her family didn’t have material wealth, but they were wealthy in love. They knew to make the most of what they had, and with it had a ball. Today’s world is a different place, but in Sharecropper’s Daughter, you can sit back and reminisce of simpler times. "This book will be out at soon and you can get your copy now from
Lula has a great way of pulling you right into words on the page. You will be captivated by the stories she tells and unable to plan your day's until you finish reading this book. Thanks everyone for stopping in to my blog.. Sheila

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vintage Greeting Cards

Do you love vintage greeting cards, if so go over to my lollishops store and check out what i am putting in my vintage greeting card categories.. I will be adding more today, but for now i am off to the Physical Therapist and the chiropractor.. So go on over here and check out the sweetest cards for collectors or for creators.. Have a great day.. Sheila

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gone in a flash

Good morning from Arkansas.. Well things can change in a flash, and everything you knew of life can be gone... We had a bit of excitement across the street from us.. I heard yelling and car tires squealing, (not that unusual for the people next door.) I looked out and saw nothing i did not see on a daily basis, smoke was floating up in the sky, (but like i said nothing unusual for next door.) I heard more yelling and looked out just a few seconds later and the smoke was heavier and coming directly out of their house..Their house was on fire, and it was so windy.. We called the fire dept and they were already rolling.. I ran to the house next to the one on fire as the young boy there slept days.. Knocking or should i say pounding heavily, i finally got him to the door. I told him he needed to grab his things and get out as the wind was so strong and it was blowing the fire straight for his house. He did as i said and very quickly.. I proceeded to call the electric and gas company, only to get the "If you speak English press one, blah blah blah.. "Aggravation set in.. Same thing with the gas company, but finally got to talk with someone and get the electric and gas shut off.. The talk was that the lady had been cooking chicken nuggets and went out and forgot about them.. It was a very intense several hours.. I was awake all night as i kept thinking i was smelling smoke to strong for comfort.. Well at 3:30 am i just rolled on out of the bed and went outside to take a look.. It was burning pretty good, but no wind... That was a little comfort for me.. the house was one of the oldest in our town, Old Doc Spain house... that is what everyone would say.. well you know where old doc Spain's house is/ most people did... I really feel bad for the family losing everything, but they have their lives.. most important.. I am in no mood i guess to post much more, sleep deprivation gets me... Have a great day everyone, and i will try to be back with better news.. Sheila

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty Wedding Toppers

Just look at these beautiful Wilton cake toppers and the gazebo for wedding decor.. I have added these lovelies to my website. If you have a love for wedding items to display around your home or have a loved one about to marry these will be great for either occasion.. More to come.. Check them out here..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Sky at dawn Sailor bewarned Red Sky at Night Sailor Delight

Standing at the kitchen sink only a few moments ago , looking out at the days end. Suddenly the most beautiful sunset i have seen in a while appeard.. Ran to get the digital camera to snap a shot.. Doubtful that it would even show up being thousands of miles away I was in awe at the beauty.. I wanted to share this with each of you.. Sheila

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Items added to my website

Check out all the new items i have added to my website. A few of the items are California Pottery, Lefton china, Lace, Books, and more.. Clearing out some things so i don't have to pack it up to move.. Check back often as i will be adding more each day or so. Thanks Sheila