Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Paint or not to paint

Going back to our other house in june. I am deciding what i want to get done before we move. My kitchen is a really pretty creamy yellow with white cabinets.  I love my kitchen here, it is a taupe color but totally different type cabinets. wood grain.. I don't know if i want that color in my kitchen at the other house or not.  My photo shows the kitchen before we moved and it is a little dark but maybe you can see and give me suggestions.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What to do with all those pots

Do you have different sizes of pot's that your plants came in from the nursery? do you toss them? do you reuse them?  If you have any laying around, i would be interested in them.. If you have enough to make it worth gathering up... I am going to be in need of many many pots.. So any time you can gather them up and have enough to ship, i would love to get them.. I do not need heavy clay pots, just the kind you get from the store and take your plant out of when you get it home..Small ones, and large ones, square ones and round ones. I will pay the shipping and for your hard efforts , enter you in a drawing for a thank you gift.. What kind of gift you say... I will have something figured out if i get any participants... Pass this along to any one you know that may be interested in saving me some pots...

Free Gardening Articles for you

Just head on over to Poor Girls Nursery blog for a new gardening articles a week. If you have something you want to know about just ask. Keep checking back in for more exciting news as we get things up and going at our nursery. Make sure while your there you follow us  so i can make sure you get all the exciting news coming up during the next few months..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poor Girls Nursery Questionair

Sister and I are starting our own nursery... So exciting.... Lot's of work has to go into this.. It will be a while before it is all up and running.... I just have a few questions for anyone that would like to take the time to answer them... NO this is not like in school, don't be afraid, no grades given for this... We are in the process of gathering information on what types of plants do best in certain areas of the country.... We will have a drawing  at the end of gathering this info... Gift for the drawing will be announced later.. Just let me say it will be flower related...

1. Where do you live... Just the state and your zone...

2. When do you start planting your flower garden...

3. What grows best in your area.. Type of flowers, shrubs, ornamental grasses, trees, succulents,

4. Do you have a heavily  landscaped yard, or just a few beds of flowers. 

I am going to put a link up Poor Girls Nursery Questionnaire that will take you over to our Poor Girl Nursery Blog, please go over to answer this questionnaire.

We would appreciate this very much...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Check out my Men

Sound intriguing??  Well i went into town to fill a prescription and get a hair cut.. I had to make my way down a block or two to one of my fav places to thrift..  I went in and made my way down the isle like i always do.. The little lady at the desk said.. Look how mean i have been.. I said What do you mean.. you been mean... She pointed.. I had walked right by these two Hunks and did not even see them..  She said i pinched their heads off.. I cracked up..  I said well how much for the damaged goods..  She said those are 5 each... I said hey handsome, wanna go home with me...  They did...   Because they heard i had the little lady at my house already..  I wonder.. Do you think these men would mind? IF i were to put a  bra on them and frou frou them up with some pink lace..   What ya thing..

Monday, April 5, 2010


Go over to Etsy Cottage Style Market Monday and see all the great places to shop.. All you have to do is add your link if you want to join in.  But even if you don't want to join in, you can find many great shops to browse while sip your morning coffee.. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll Rise Again!!!!

As the son of God promised He did rise again... Just as after death on earth I too will rise again to meet him in the air.  I love a song my mommy use to sing about this very thing..

 I'll rise again, ain't no power on earth can tie me down....
 I'll rise again, Death can't keep in the ground...  It does bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart the Jesus paid the debt for me  so that i too can enter into everlasting life and spend eternity praising and rejoicing him.  Happy Easter to each of you..

On another note.. I won the giveaway from Chelsie Ann's Lollishop's design team.. Her blog of course is Itty Bitty Birdie . She had made a sweet Easter basket for the design team and chose to give it away to a lucky winner.. Yep that winner was me.. NO i have never won a give away before. But let me tell each of you that visit my blog from time to time, I am a winner just because i have met you... I have made such wonderful friends here in blog land and i appreciate each and every one of you...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap Goodies

I joined in Miss Rhea's Easter basket Swap... We were to take a small yogurt cup and decorate it in my partners love of colors . So learning about our partner was a must. My partners were Lizzi  Graf and Janet Bernasconi  Both of these ladies are very talented ladies. I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter.. Please enjoy my photos of the baskets i received.  The first photos are from Lizzi.. Hand made card, handmade cupcake,Handmade egg covered in pink thread, a piece of wonderful fabric, some sweet blue flowers , a strand of pink glass beads, and a handmade strawberry that i forgot to take out of the basket to photo.. And what a sweet basket it is.. Covered with handmade paper flowers and glitter.. Thanks so much Lizzi...

These are the sweet gifts i got from Janet. Sweet basket  and inside was a wonderful decoupaged egg with a sweet chik on it. Look at that bunny with a basket of flowers just for me. A Yummy marshmallow bunny , which i have not bit the ears off yet.. Still wrapped up.. Wonderful pink flowers, Jelly beans, and a gum ball machine.. There is a wooden bunny head that is sooooooooooo sweet. and a sweet pink bag of tiny fuzzy chicks... I know you cant see all of the treats to good in this photo, but if you go over to Miss Rhea's Flicker group you can see all of the goodies not only from me ,but from all the other participants... Have a Happy Easter.. Thank you so much Miss Rhea's for the great Swap...

Check out all the other great easter baskets at Miss Reah's Blog

The Other White Meat.. Oh The other Rose Makeover

I know i am being silly.. In the first post of the plaster rose makeover you saw two sets of the roses.. I painted the first set, and had many nice comments on it... I decided to paint the other a different way.. I love pink and gold together, so i did this one in a white washed pink and a dirtied up gold.. NO other way to explain what look i was going for. I guess already old and faded out some. Let me know which one you like best and i will do the other one the same.. Because it is only paint you know....