Saturday, February 28, 2009

A day away from the house.

I had to venture out to town to buy a few groceries so i stopped in at a few places i have been missing for some time now.. I picked up a few goodies i want to share with you.. I found this great doll box, the kind that is mostly a tissue roll cover. This beauty is simply a box.. She is wonderful, and has such pretty hair..

I also found a few porcelain goodies.. baskets of roses, one is a Nuaov Capodimonte from Italy..and one is Royal Dover from England.. I also found this very pretty Egg shaped vase in the colors i love so.. It has the long footed legs and roses with gold trim.. It is aqua and pink.. I found a very pretty tablecloth, some little trays of some kind from Italy, silver i think. I added two more small cloches to my new collection. I also had give to me a very nice cake stand that i am painting white . i am into the wedding cake toppers now as well and found a heart shaped box with a bride and groom with doves on it. not a topper but still sweet. I will gather all this up and snap a whole shot of all of it together. Well as luck has it, my batteries on my camera are down, so i will get the photos another day.. But any way i did enjoy my day out, to get out some of the stress of this mess in my yard from the storm.. Enjoy your weekend..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something Fun

Just a My Silky Chick
Make your own Glitter Graphics

little fun i had with and my silky chicken.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our home after the storm, We are thanking God for his grace

We just went through a storm here in our town. We had several trees come down on us.. Well you know we have been planning on moving for some time now. I guess that will be put off for a while now. Here are a few photos of our house after the storm.. Whewwwww what a day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Pink Beauties

I received these two beauties for my birthday a few days late.. One is the Thomas Kinkade "A VISION OF HOPE Breast cancer awareness doll. Isn't she so pretty. The other doll i am not familure with but her tag says poupee brigette handmade doll.. Anyway she is just to cute. Both sporting umbrellas and pink hats. Just wanted to share.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dressed up for the party

I will be dressing this in vintage lace and jewels as soon as i get moved, as most of my lace and pretty things are already packed.. But i did have this to dress her in for the time being.. She is still pretty .. I had fixed this hat to go with the dress for our grandaughters play at school.. She was as sweet as could be.. Well it is still fun playing dress up..

A day out!!! To look for treasures.

Well i was actualy going shopping for a coat and i also wanted to get my hair cut.. So the young girl that was cutting my hair, was sooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooow.. But any way it gave me time to just contemplate.. I was looking at all the heads that the beauty school practices on.. Yes i went to a beauty school.. A light came on in my head... I wanted a Head.. So after i finaly got up from the chair, i went to the instructor and ask if they every had any heads the got rid of. She said as a matter of fact we do.. She said the girls shave their heads though when they complete their classes.. I said oh i dont care one bit.. So she brought me out this head... So after i got my head of hair cut and she gave me my head Free, yes Free... I headed over to Goodies , which is going out of business here in out state.. Guess what they had for sale? Oh come on guess... Yesssssssssssss you are right.. They had maniguns... I did not get on of the full body ones but just the shoulder down to the hips.. No arms on it though.. But any way i was happy to get this one. I also wanted to show a couple more birthday gifts i got.. ONe i have not took a photo of is a white Hammock chair my daughter got me.. She also gave me a beautiful set of Pink cuiesart kitchen tools.. Charlie my daughters boyfriend gave me a beautiful glass cloche.. I am so spoiled. haha Of course they took me out to eat as well.. the photo is of my daughter and her boyfriend charlie.. Such a sweet pair.. Just wanted to share.. Oh i will of course show you my head and body when i get it all dressed up..

Monday, February 2, 2009

I feel more like myself today, then i ever have before!!!

Hello everyone.. I want to say how sorry i am about seeing my shadow. Yes i was born on the ever so popular "GROUNDHOG" day. I just had to peek out to see, how many of you wonderful bloggers were peeking out to see,if i was peeking out see, if you were peeking out at me. hahaha... Well anyway, i saw my shadow.. and only my shadow, so i turned tail and run back inside..

I do have something to show you all though that may make you all go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! my gift from my Step mom.. well i will give you three guess's as to what it is.. Is it something pink? could be.. Is it something shiny? could be.. Is it something i love? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs... It is five porcelain Pink roses.. They are so beautiful i could hardly stand it.. Thanks mom.. hope you all enjoy your day.. Thanks for stopping in .. Sheila