Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easter is just around the corner.

I think spring is just around the corner ... somewhere... running left, turning right, looking under bed and in closet.. I don't see it anywhere, and it does not feel like spring is anywhere to be found. But.... Just look at this

Oh my goodness.. Bunnies, ribbon,pastel colors, glitter, baskets, lace, Oh and don't forget yogurt cups... 
All this hoopla is over Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap.. Join in the great swap to get a jump start on Spring Fever..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Maude Humphery Figurine

I have this on my website for sale.. This does not have the box or certificate with it, that is why she will go for one third of her value. If your intrested just go over to my website and look in Flea Market Finds on the second page.. She is sitting there waiting on you. She is a collectible and only so many made of her. Just look at the ruffled hat and roses...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

AWSOME Give away .. Check this out. Hurry time is ticking

Aged Vintage Papier is hosting a give away for a Victorian Wall Clock. Just go hereAged Vintage Paper   Leave a comment and read all about it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flowers and their meanings

I found this site about victorian meanings for all kinds of flowers.. It tells you the meaning of Roses, CArnations, and other flowers. I am just sharing this link as it makes for a very long post..    enjoy

Finally Done with my Paper Mache

Back several post ,i told that i was going to do my first attempt at paper mache.. It was not as easy as i had planned.. It was not so hard either, just learned as i went.. I had fun playing in the paste.. I made the bunny, the two baskets and the dress and hat .. The hat is only a doiley i used . Any way i think i could get a smoother surface as i had more practice.. I don't think it was to bad for a first attempt.. What do you think...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amour Valentine Swap Hosted by Cathy Scalise at Treasured Heirlooms

More Amour Valentine Swap photos at Treasured Heirlooms Please go check it out. That is after you look at my post here.  Thank you Cathy Scalise from the bottom of my heart..
WOW All of the wonderful sweet treats from the Amour Valentines Swap.. Almost to much to take in. My swap partner was Elyse from Tinkered Treasures. Elyse makes the most wonderful petite boxes made from matchboxes.. I was the proud recipeant of some of her masterpieces.  She covered a wooden heart box with paper and glitter and filled it with some little trinkets for crafting. Here is what i recieved from Elyse..

Here is what i sent Elyse..

As always i can not get my photos and what i have to say about them in order. I sent Elyse this wonderful Very Large Box.. It is such a wonderful gift in its self. I love vintage items and love to work with vintage items, so i used a vintage spice carosal lazy suzan type thing and painted it all the colors elyse said she loves. I fille most of the jars with trinkets she can use in her Tinkering. I even put stickers on the item that says.. LOVE TO TINKER...
I had some beautiful crochet pieces , one is a valentine pocket in which i embellished with A  blown glass heart, and the other is a crochet collar piece i added a beautiful broach to it.
I sent her vintage greeting cards, vintage buttons, glitter paper,vintage irredesent pipe cleaners,lack of a better word..The blue polkadot ribbon, as i did not mean to have both rolls in the photo.. I added stickers, note pads,pastel oil chalk, glitter pens,ONe of my handmade Diva doves embellished with a vintage piece of jewlery.. She is carrying elyse a goodie bag of glitter and glittered ribbon. Sorry about the double photo.. It was alot of fun doing this swap. The Amour Swap was a learning experience for me as it was my very first one of this kind. Cathy Thank you so much..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cabin Fever got the best of me

After  a week of not being able to get off the mountain, when i finaly did get off the mountain, i went thrifting.. I think if i had no food in the house, or no meds or what ever, i would still have went thrifting first.. Am i bad, -----------> head hangin low as i walk to the corner for a time out. hahhaha... I picked a few things just because i love them.. either the way they look, or just because i felt something was good about them. I found a sweet little gilr figurine, on the bottom it has Maude Humphrey.. well i had never heard of this figurine.. But when i looked her up on the WWW... she is quite a collectible.. If she had her box and certificate she she could go for as much as 250.00... She is Sarah... I was floored when i looked her up. Yall i am cheap.. lol.. .I also got a vintage easter bunny candy container ... A UCGC trinket box, with the sweetest little bird.. . Some great strawberry fabric and laying on the fabric are three appliques. Lefton easter bunnies so sweet . well the photos will show all i got.. I love the Creamy Yellow Angoria sweater it is from the 50's Minklam Darlene is on the tag.. Hand embroidered bag of some kind, it is vintage and exsquisit. Vintage sarah cov braclette, Very bradley scarf,Yes i will list some of these on my website and some i may keep. If you see anything you would be intrested in before i get them all listed just shoot me an email...

Friday, February 12, 2010

WOW What a Great Swap

Cathy Scalise held The  Amour Valentines Swap, and I think 66 ladies ended up in the swap. Give or take a few.. lol... Any way you won't wan't to miss Sundays posting on this wonderful event. Thank you Cathy for a great job.. If you miss it , you will miss seeing some great valentines pretties. Here is my favorite Vintage German Valentine , not from the swap just one i had already . It is three levels and old.. Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subject of the Day... IRONS

No this is not about to many irons in the fire, it is about Irons...  Now that is an oldie.. Did you every use one such as this one... -------->

I have not used one such as that but i have one i did use of my grandmothers but it is somewhere over the rainbow right now and i cant find my pot of gold to go look for it. lol.. but it looks alot like the one below..

my iron that i am useing (not a good idea) is making the lights flicker when i am ironing with it.

So i am going to start looking for a new iron.. What kind of iron do you have that you just love.. Or Hate... lol.... What is the features of it... If any... Looking for a great response on this subject...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning to all my Blogger Friends

If i still have any that is. lol.. Have not blogged any  of late. We have had 10 more inches of snow here on the ridge.. It is so pretty, but so hard to get around in. Well i have not went anywhere at all, just out to feed the animals and go for a walk in the woods with Rowdy.. He loves snow and water..  Here are a few photos of our snow.. I know most of you may have this stuff too and could care less about looking at any more.. I don't blame you.. The third photo is a tree out in the backyard that i am waiting to break, it is bent over even more then in the photo. the one with the blue sky is just becasue it was so pretty with the blue background.  I have been doing some paper mache, my very firs attempt at it.. It is different from lay paper strips and glue, and more paper strips and more glue, this is made from .... Whispers... toilet paper...  and other things to make a paste.. I realy like it. It is called paper clay.. But any way when i get my creation complete i will show it to you then.  It is easter related... Well i hope all is well in your neck of the woods.. Please drop by to say hello ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yep that GroundHog saw it's shadow.

Well I am an offical Ground Hog.. It is my birthday today.. My mom use to tease me about the day i was born.. She said i just kept peeking out and running back, guess i was not ready for the old cold air in Febuary. Any way the ice is beginng to thaw here and i should be able to get to town tomorrow.  If you love vintage hats i have a couple listed on my website , so go take a look.  and look in vintage textiles.