Thursday, May 21, 2009

WOW it has been such a long time.

Hello all, I know what your thinking. Where have you been.. At least i hope you were...I have been so busy since the storm hit in feb. WE are still trying to sell our home,and move on our ten acre property. We have bought a 16 by 80 mobile home to live in while we build our cabin. I will most def miss this house, but the trade off is wonderful. I know i am going to have fun shabbying up my mobile home.. Sweety says i have the talent(his permission) lol to do what i want as far as decorating goes. We bought a use mobile home, and it has blue carpet in it. We are tearing up the carpet in the living room and one bedroom. PUtting down some laminate flooring. I just don't know if i want to paint all white walls, or taupe walls.. I think i know what i want one day, then i am not sure the next.. I know none of you are that way... haha

I have actually went out thrifting , very little , but some... I got a few things wanted for my guest,crafting,computer room.. All this in a tiny 11 by 12 room. Yes I went over with my friend (Tape Measure) many times and we agree, what i want to put in the room , will fit....Some of my things will have to go in storage for a while.

I have some of my plants , planted at our property already, my hydrangias are doing so wonderful over there, they realy struggled here at this house. I have planted some climbing roses, azelias and my hydrangias.

Hope everyone is doing great and has a great summer. I will try to pop in more often, mabey with photos from time to time.. Just wanted to let everyone know i am still alive..