Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Waiting..

Well i am still waiting on my computer to moved upstairs.. We have installed my card reader on the new computer and it is not up and running yet. So here i sit, wanting to take pictures of so many things and share with you.. But i have been spending my time well. I am in the process of painting my Mommys old sewing cabinet white.. to put up in my crafting room for my computer. It will hold a lot of great things in the drawers. We are getting ready to put up a chicken pen and rabbit pen , eggs are getting sky high so we will raise some ourself. I have a small garden out and wanted to post some pictures of my garden, It will still be growing when i get my compture going , I sure hope... Moved a lot of stuff around in my special room prepareing for my computer and now it is a mess, i can not work in a mess. lol... Any way anyone that reads this , know i am working hard to get things back to normal.. What ever normal is.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

How time flies

Well almost one week of vacation gone. Still working on the old roof.. I want to add some great photos to my blog, but we are in the process of setting up a new computer and my card reader is on the new one now. When i get it all situated i will add photos.. I have had the best time, going through new blogs and adding them to my blog.. Such great blogs out there to get lost in. I will back in swing in a couple of weeks ..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Time

Well i wish i could say that vacation time was traveling around and going to great thrift stores, flea markets, ect.. ect.. ect.. but, we have to replace the roof on our shop building and do some other home repairs this vacation. So i may not have a lot of time for blogging for a few weeks. My garden is doing pretty good, have a lot of things producing their fruits. I am having sweety put a computer up in my crafting room. This room is my dream room, white, pink , robin egg blue, all the pretty stuff i love is up there. I have 70's red shag carpet still up there from the last owners.. I have to do something with that in the near futures. I love the carpet, but just not in my shabby vintage room. hahaha i guess the carpet is shabby, and it is vintage as well.. now there is food for thought..

Friday, June 13, 2008


Are you superstitious? It is Friday the 13.. I tend to not be superstitious but things are always brought to mind each time the day rolls around. My Grandmother, Maggie was her name, was very superstitious.. If a black cat crossed in front of us while we were driving, she would make me turn around and go back, not crossing the path the cat just took. Well one time i chose not to turn around and she told me well you just caused some bad luck.. The next day my cousin was hurt in a bad accident and she said see, i told you bad luck was coming.. Now, I do not think for one minute that i caused this to happen, but , it will always surface on Friday 13th. A few things that are suppose to bring bad luck.. Black cat's, walking under a ladder, closeing someones pocket knife when you did not open it (suppose to cut off your friendship.) so many others i can't recall right now. There have been many many great Friday 13th's that have well out numbered the bad ones. So just go out today and have a great day and just er on the side of caution..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today is a day of conserving energy

Today i am just more or less relaxing. I have had a sore throat for a few days and just feel tired. I have benn using my down time to sew some yo yo's .. I am going to add these to a lamp. I also want a few to do a pillow with. I have neer sewn yo yo's until yesterday.. they are easy and fun.. I love the great color combinations you can use. I have a few pretty flowers i want to add to this entry if i can figure out how to do it. I am new to blogging and so i am having to learn as i go.. I have been working on getting a garden out this year with all teh high food and gas prices.. I hae in the past only helped my grandfather and my dad.. This year is is all my baby.. a lot to learn about this as well.. I try real hard to keep a bright outlook on life, but i am concerned that the economy will fall soon. It will be so very hard to make ends meet and we need to start preparing for hard times.. Just some food for thought.. Have a great day..

Today is a day of Conserving energy

Today i am just sitting around a lot and reading on the different blogs. I have also doing some sewing, i am makeing yo yo's . I am going to add these to several different items, such as a lamp shade, pillow, bedspread and what ever holds still long enough for me to add on to. I love to read on the other blogs and get inspiration and see how to go about doing blogging as i have just started doing this sort of thing.. I have a few pictures of my flowers i will add to this as well.. I love Hydrangias but mine have not started this year yet. I guss the move from last year and the freeze got to them. But if i do get some i will post a picture of them later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finaly got one of those round to it's

I have made progress in working on two lamp shades.. I have completed them.. yippyyyyyyyy.. I had no desire to go upstairs and work with all the clutter. I have been searching high and low for a 1880's to 1920's old wrought iron bedstead.. We have a place online here in our area called Freecycle .. it is to keep items from going in the landfill.. You can not buy things or sell them, they have to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Yep free.. So i put a Wanted old wrought iron bedstead .. A man emailed me and said i think i have what you described in an old house out in my back yard.. Sure enough he did. It is from at least the late 1800's.. I was almost in tears. To find one at our fleamarkets or other places the prices were out of my reach.. Any way after saying all that, since i got my bed that wanted for my room upstairs, i resolved the clutter problem.. I am able to go right up there and just be inspired to sit and work, and craft, and sew, and just feel so at peace now. So i will show my new bed and my two lamp shades... What a wonderful life... Sheila