Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time is slipping away

Well i know it has been at least two weeks since i posted. I have been having trouble with my shoulder and have been to the Dr. a few times, the chiropractor a few times and still have no relief yet. We have bought 10 acres and are going to start clearing for a home soon and i must get better. I have slacked on my website and my blog long enough, and either need to get busy or get off the porch.. I love to read so many other beautiful blogs i get caught up in those and neglect my own. I have so much stuff and i see it so many times, from others , need to De clutter.... It is so hard to part with things that you were so drawn to in the first place. I just have the worst problem of getting something just because i know it would look good if i did so and so with it, and i never do so and so with it. There is sits, still waiting on me.. But any way I love to look at it. It is almost Halloween time and i have not done any kind of decorations for it yet. The way i feel, i could stand on the porch and pass for a spook... Who needs decorations!!! I am going to miss my flowers and my garden fresh veggies, it is getting to cold here for much else to grow... I do have some sweet potatoes to dig, and some turnip greens and some lettuce that is still growing. I will be back again to post more. Hope not to be so long in between times..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Octoberfest at our house

It has been a while since i posted. Today we are having a cookout , backyard pickin' with family and friends. We will have around 60 people here this evening for a great time. It will be pot luck and I am furnishing the main meat course. We will have several musicians to play here tonight for our party. We love bluegrass music and will have great bluegrass pickers to fill the air with sounds of the ozarks. This time of the year is so wonderful and sad at the same time. I guess i love the cool crisp fresh air and the way the air smells in the fall. But it does mean summer is gone and winter is upon us. Winter months are not that bad if the sun is shining.

We have purchased some property , 10 acres, that we will be workning on in the next several months to make a big move to the country.. It is very exciting. We have one acre here and a nice home , shop, and storage buildings... We have some chickens and rabbits here as well but do want more room for our chickens to roam.. So very important that your chickens are HAPPY... lol. We do want to get a couple of goats and a couple of hound dogs. Pretty much this is what is going on in my world right at this moment. HOpe to see each of you in blog land on down the blog land road.