Friday, March 27, 2009

My Easter Buggy, with two more makeovers

I have been seeing all the wonderful Easter Creations and finaly had time to do some creating myself. The two dolls are from the batch of dolls i had posted back some weeks ago. I gave these two a day at the dressmakers and they are ready for their Easter Parade.. I went out into the shop and put together a buggy for them to do their Easter Profiling in.. Of course i had to Paint the buggy PINK!!!!!!
The young lady out front is sporting green chiffon with pink roses and a very nice bonnett. The other young lady is weating HOt pink tulle and burgandy . and sporting a very Eastery bonnett. Just my way of saying Happy Spring, and Happy Easter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover

If you follow my blog, you have seen the Around the world dolls i found and posted about down below. Some of them were in Not so good shape.. I gave these two a makeover, one just a small on, the other one, extreme makeover. On the pink one, i just had to give her a new hat and i made her a matching purse or ridicule i think they called them in the victorian era. The Lady sporting black lace well i had to give her the extreme makeover as you will see in her before photo.. She was in pretty bad shape. No hope for her hair, so i covered it up. What do you think about my makeover abilities? Should i stick to my day job.. lol.. Oh wait, I don't have a day job.. But working here around the house is an All day job.. Any way enjoy..

Antiques, Vintage & Collectibles Online Sellers Association

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Take a Look at this....

Lollishop has a new look.. Wonderful Page of hand picked items right out front for all to see.. You just have to go over to see all those wonderful Easter goodies, yes it is time for easter.. You can find anything you want to fill your Easter Basket at Lollishops.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleeves made from Vintage Lace

I was going through a box of vintage lace and textiles i bought and came upon what looks to be sleeves made from vintage lace.. There are two and some extra yardage of the lace.. I think this would be beautiful incorporated into a jacket or maybe a shrug. What do you think.. Oh and this is on my website for sale.. along with a few other pretties i am adding ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inspiration From Pretty Petals Blog

Sometimes people and things can inspire you so much..Like this post
from Pretty Petals and Bits of the Past.. The hat she found at the antique shop i adore so much.. I thought i wonder if i could make one. I had the vintage crochet edging, i am sure i would have some pink material.. Well i did not have the pink, but some creamy yellow.. my hat is not as stunning as pretty petals, but for the first shot at making something like this, i say it turned out Ok.. I have a book on making hats and there are some very simular patterns it this book. I just did not have the vision until i vistied Pretty Petals blog.. And let me tell you she had tons of yummmmmmmmmmy pretties on this same post.. go by and check out her blog.. It is just Dreamy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WOW two in one day

haah i am just forgetful is all. I was given these Vintage Barbies the other day. I thought they were ready for the trash , but they cleaned right up, I am still in shock.. Right at barbies birthday too.. I have six dolls and one head.. lol.. these are from the mid 60's.. Cool huh..

And these Three dolls as well. These are Tammy and bridget i think for the 60's and a Toni Cassini doll too.

Just a small Update

The crew could not work today as it was raining and sleeting, but here is what they have accomplished.. YOu can see how much of the porch they have done, and they have most of the shingles on the roof.. There is still much to do, but the main guy doing the work said he will be completed in a little over a week.. That is if it will stop raining. Any way here ia a photo of the porch so far.. there is still painting to do as well. We are changing the color on the house , it will look very nice.

Friday, March 6, 2009

End of day two

NOt to much to show today .. they did get alot more done on the front porch.. It was such a beautiful day, in the upper 70's or low 80's that i sat out on the porch and enjoyed it.. They have more to do on it but i could at least enjoy the evening on it once again.. It is just so empty with out all the trees.. We lost 7 in all..

End of day one

The end of day one left the yard cleaned up of all debri, and the front porch having a great start on it. This crew is simply amazing at how fast and how excellent of a job they do.. It was so great to look out the door and windows and not see all the remnents from the storm still laying out there. I did have dreams last night about tornados again.. lol.. MOre to post as days go by ..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day One of Rebuilding

WEll of course after the earing up part.. I will be posting a few photos daily until they get completed with out home.. Here are the photos from this mornings start. This first couple of photos are of the crew getting started rebuilding our front porch.

These other photos are of the concrete removal and debri.

MOre to come later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Found these dolls

I found these dolls and dont anything about them.. can anyone tell me? They all have their origanal clothing and shoes and are in good condition.. Just not Great condition.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here are the photos I promised

Notice the background , this is a sheet i love so dearly. I have looked and looked online for this sheet because i want a quilt out of it so bad.. If anyone knows where i can get this or something so near it in color and pattern please let me know. I am making a rag quilt out of the fitted sheet that have but these are twin size .. Ok on to the photos..
The three post candle holders are from my porch destroyed in the storm.. lol.. I don't let anything go to waist.. I have been wanting some of these , but maybe not this way.. The bride and groom doll were my 27 year old daughters when she was two. I have kept them all this time. The rest i think i mentioned in my post below.. So without keeping you in suspense any longer Drum roll please..........