Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few Photos of my dining room.

I am trying to get to my decorating since moving back. I have tons of things going on, like most of you... I have such a high ceiling and a walk way going not quite down the center of the room, so, it makes for a kinda split up room. I have a dark wood dining room set that belonged to my grandmother and i crawled on it when i was a baby.. many before me did too. I have an old dark wood dresser i am using for an extra buffet table and storage.. Then i have odd and end pieces which i love and wanted to use. Any way I have so much more to do, and find some great things to hang on the walls.. I do have one thing i am going to do... I have a , well over an hundred year old piano thing, you know when you raise it up to expose the keys to play... lol.. Well one of those, i am going to make a plate rack out of it... NOw it is dark wood.. So do i paint it the wall color, or leave it dark like the buffet and table and add some decals of roses to it? Any way here are a few of the things i have done so far.