Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Few Christmas Decorations Revamped

I had a lot of fun going through my boxes of Christmas decorations. Although i have mostly traditional Christmas colors i knew that could be changed with just some paint , ribbon, and a pink imagination. haha.....

I wanted to have a pink, pastel green, cream and white Christmas this year, so i drug out the decor and got busy painting .. Now i know not to do everyone of the traditional colors i have just in case i want to go back some day.. Most of these ornaments are some i bought at yard sales and such and are not my treasured decorations from years past. The ones i have here are some heavy wire, and plaster or some material like it that i painted.. They were heavy with gold paint and glitter so i got some spray paint went outside and painted them. I had a few old Christmas balls that had seen their better day, but were still very functional, so i took some rose petals and glued on the balls and what a delight... I will post one of the ones i have finished so far and more later as i finish up some that i wanted to do differently. Happy decorating everyone.. Have fun...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New items on my website

I am posting here about the items i have added to my website.. I have a few christmas items , a beautiful aqua nativity set, some crystal village santas, battenburg lace cropped jacket, there are several vintage greeting cards, a pretty but small wire dress form that i added white lace , rhinestones, and pink to it. some of the things that you see on my blog if you scroll down are on my website. There may just be something there you just can't live without.. Happy Thanksgiving....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A few things for Christmas

I was given a few sweet toys that i will use on or under my tree this year.. I was given two , three wheel bicycles and one toy baby stroller. These are vintage looking, but not sure if they are. I also dressed a wire dress form with lace and pink and jewels, now Mrs. Santa can go out on the town for a Christmas party..
I also love these Pink Chickens and adorable little bunnies.. Since i have real chickens and bunnies i just had to have these for some sweet decor.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just to darn funny not to share

Here is a little part of my life i had not realy thought of shareing, not that i am ashamed or anything about it, just that I have not thought about it.. I have seen many bloggers put photos of their pets on their blog , so i thought i would share some of my photos with you.... Now i do not consider my chickens as pets, although i do have a few that are very sweet and like to follow me around..

The chickens i am wanting to share with you are my pure white silkies... lol.. well they are suppose to be pure white.. But when it rains, what is the first thing they do.. RUN!!!! straight for the mud hole.... they look so proud of what they are doing. This is not the dirtiest they have been but the only time i went out to take a picture of them while they were playing... haha

Another hobby i have is Angel Fish.. the photo shows my Angel Fish Pair (momma & pappy) with babies... Now they look like squiggles but have you ever tried to get 50 small fish to be still for a photo shoot.. IT AIN'T EASY.. hahaha I have raised a few babies up to to larger fish, but, this is not an easy thing to do.. You can start out with over 200 eggs and most will hatch, but they never make it to little swimmers... I enjoy both of my hobbies , chickens and fish as well as my shabby chic , crafting, and blogging.. Till next time...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sometimes I amaze myself

Was feeling a little bumbed out for the past few days. I have been in a funk that i could not get out of. I started looking through some of my textile stashes and found the pretty vintage pillow cases i have had for some time wondering what to do with them.. I love all the totes that people are making so i thought , surely you can sew a simple tote... Well now i am no sewer, never have been, and have never been able to sew a straight line. NOT KIDDING!!! Well i wondered how i could get the pillow case into a tote... Sew.... lol.. i took it in my hands and just started turning it inside out and pulling this way and tucking that way... I found a way that i thought would work and went for it... Well to my surprise, i had sewn a tote in about an hour... Drum roll please...

Sweet Yellow and white with touches of brown.. I love the old fashion carriages and the yellow polka dots... Inside i even added a yellow chenille pocket for your keys or cell phone. I just may make a few more of these.. I do have more pillow cases.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been tagged

Kathy at Katnip Studio informed me that i have been tagged.. NOw i have to tell all to the world.. lol.. Well Six quirky things about myself...

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1. Roaches are the biggest Fear i would have to face on Fear Factor.. I HATE ROACHES....

2. I bite my nails.. no matter what kind of yucky tasteing stuff i have put on them..

3. I named a chicken after myself, i had red hair, it has now turned white.. the little chick is a pretty red chick so i named her Sheila.. She loves me and follows me around and want's me to pick her up...

4. I eat raw foods.. no cooked foods, but not raw meat. veggies and fruit.

5. Smelling fresh dug dirt takes my breath away. lol not in a good way.

6. I am just the opposit of being superstitious.. I have to do things that other people are superstious about just to see what happens.. example, walk under a ladder, cross the path of a black cat, give a friend a knife to see if it cuts our relationship in half... ect.. ect..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Great Honor

I was checking my email and opend one form The Rose bridge and went to all the links to read about the new look on the site, and all the featured sites . Much to my surprise I am one of the freatured sites..On "Get The Look" I am honored and shocked to say the least... Please go and check it out.. It is raining here today and looks more like fall today then most days so far. My pecans have been falling on a steady basis... Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving.. Yippy... Have a great day...