Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Day Sale

Hello all, I have put a lot of my items on my website on sale for half price.. Hurry and run to see if there is anything you want before it goes... I will be moving soon and am going to be putting a lot of things on my website to sell , instead of moving it with me. I will be adding more vintage lace, and vintage cards. So any of you lollies that would like to buy lace for your creations keep checking in ... I will have tons of stuff going cheap.. Happy New Year...

Very Happy New Year

This is to wish each and everyone that reads this a very Happy New Year .. Thank you to all that come to read my blog or visit my website.. I pray that God will bless each and every one of you in the next year and help you to prosper in all your endevors.. Sheila

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few new items on my website

If you like books on how to do this go check out a few i added to my website. Complete guide to drawing and painting, and a complete guide to making miniature doll house furniture. One on how to make hats at home, from the 1960's . I also put a vintage garden dress party pattern , never been cut on my site and a wonderful congratulations baby book from 1950.. A few other items as well. I am going to be moving in the near future and want to clear out some things i am not going to have room for or use.. So keep checking in at for some great finds.... Vintage is what i mainly deal in.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Verdict finaly in

After months of pain in my left shoulder the Ortho say's i have Frozen shoulder.. lot's of Physical Therepy ahead .. I am ready.. BRING IT ON!!!! I do not like pain, but to get over this i have to endure lot's of it... So , that being said, I may not be posting much until i get to point where i don't hurt so... Merry Christmas all and to all a good night..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Trying to keep up with way to many irons

I had to get on here and post at least some little something.. But i have to share with you three new links.. ONe is Michelles charm world. NOw let me tell you about this little lady. Michelle is a go getter.. she takes a lot of time to help out others by posting promo tutorials , to help guide you along the way if your , well challenged liked me. Please check her out.. You can find Michelles charmed world right over to the right of this page..

I also wanted to share El-shadia acres and Pamela williams.. This lady has a talent for makeing some great soaps, lotions, and lip blam that is out of this world.. Please go and check her site out. She uses fresh goat miilk to make her prouducts.. Yes it is creamy and some of the scents she has makes your mouth water.. You can find El-shadia acres on the right of this page as well.

Last but sure not least is a blogger friend of mine Sandra.. Sandra as many of us has found the love for romantic , shabby chic, roses, and pink stuff.. Sandra has a new blog called Romantique Inspirations.. Please drop by, check out her new blog and leave a comment to welcome her and of course look at her pretties...

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Choice For the Lollishop Contest

I want to feature My Inner Princess on my Blog... First of all my hat goes off to her for teaching our children for 28 years.. That in it's self if a very admirable acheivment. I want to Praise God for her healing of Lukemia as that was a very hard time in her life to overcome... Her love and appreciation for life, show in her beautiful jewelry creations. I find such peace looking at her beautiful Vintage Jeweled Frame Aurora Boralis Pieces. I choose this to be my winners choice.. I found these one day going from page to page on all the catagories. These remind me so much of my Mother that passed away just a little less then 3 years ago. I miss her so..

As you can see in this photo , the talent of this lady is just outstanding. I am very happe to feature My Inner Princess on my blog, as she has made me feel like a princess just gazing at this piece... Here is a link to her lollishops store please go have a look and find your Inner Princess too.

My litte short story from lolliland

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello everyone.. I have fantastic news.. My lollishop is open for business... Please go by and see all the wonderful shops . There is something there for everyone.. Need some last minute gift ideas? I am sure if your taste is Elegant, Fanciful, Romantic, Vintage or Artistic you will find something special for that special someone. So swing on over to lollishops and get some sweet treats..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can anyone identify this?

I went to goodwill yesterday and found this stunning vase.. It has no maker marks on it. I have no clue if it is antique or not. I just fell in love with it and grabbed it up. If any one has anything like it and knows what it is please let me know..

This vase is 18 inches tall..