Sunday, July 27, 2008

In the heat of things

Ending July, nearing August, Hot ,Hot, Hot..... It has been so scorching hot here in Arkansas. Flowers are not doing to good no matter what efforts are made. We have green grass still as we have been getting a few good showers off and on, but , the garden suffers most. I love to go out and thrift shop, but it seems people are to hot to bargain. I did manage to get some great pieces from an old piano... The front board that you set your music on when ready to play, this would make a great piece for painting on, if i only knew how to paint. i all so got the wonderful architectural pieces , which were the legs.. A few other pieces as well. we took tha piano apart in the bed of a truck, then we hoisted it up like a deer and butcherd it. I will post some of the pieces when i get a chance. But i do have two of the great pieces that i can show you.. I will add the pictures in my blog after the post, as it dont want to add photos here for some reason.

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