Monday, July 7, 2008

There was a rainbow at the end of the storm

We went out to the flea market to look for some baby chicks.. We looked around of course at other things as well. There realy was not much to look at.. Then we came up on a table of boxes with stuff in them.. I looked in and my heart leaped.. The man was selling boxes of lace, vintage, new, crocheted, ect... He had bought out a womans fabric and notions store.. I got so many great pieces, and jars of vintage buttons.. Mother of pearl, and some other types i am not sure about.. there is a pair of sissors with four finger holes.. I bought a large tin that had many different kinds and colors of ric rac... tiny tiny ric rac, and other sweet colors ... The man said he had two truck loads of fabric as well , that he had not been able to bring that day... I also bought some great vintage books on makeing hats, a vintage needle work book. and others i can't recall since they are not here with me at the time i am writeing this. Any way i was happy with the findings and despite the rain I did find my pot of gold..

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