Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time is slipping away

Well i know it has been at least two weeks since i posted. I have been having trouble with my shoulder and have been to the Dr. a few times, the chiropractor a few times and still have no relief yet. We have bought 10 acres and are going to start clearing for a home soon and i must get better. I have slacked on my website and my blog long enough, and either need to get busy or get off the porch.. I love to read so many other beautiful blogs i get caught up in those and neglect my own. I have so much stuff and i see it so many times, from others , need to De clutter.... It is so hard to part with things that you were so drawn to in the first place. I just have the worst problem of getting something just because i know it would look good if i did so and so with it, and i never do so and so with it. There is sits, still waiting on me.. But any way I love to look at it. It is almost Halloween time and i have not done any kind of decorations for it yet. The way i feel, i could stand on the porch and pass for a spook... Who needs decorations!!! I am going to miss my flowers and my garden fresh veggies, it is getting to cold here for much else to grow... I do have some sweet potatoes to dig, and some turnip greens and some lettuce that is still growing. I will be back again to post more. Hope not to be so long in between times..

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Sondra Behne' said...

Boy, do I know wht you mean. Things have been just so hectic and crazy this past two months with family and health problems. I have so so much more to do on my site but I guess the the two things just mentioned are the most important. Hope your doing better and enjoy all the holidays coming.