Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gone in a flash

Good morning from Arkansas.. Well things can change in a flash, and everything you knew of life can be gone... We had a bit of excitement across the street from us.. I heard yelling and car tires squealing, (not that unusual for the people next door.) I looked out and saw nothing i did not see on a daily basis, smoke was floating up in the sky, (but like i said nothing unusual for next door.) I heard more yelling and looked out just a few seconds later and the smoke was heavier and coming directly out of their house..Their house was on fire, and it was so windy.. We called the fire dept and they were already rolling.. I ran to the house next to the one on fire as the young boy there slept days.. Knocking or should i say pounding heavily, i finally got him to the door. I told him he needed to grab his things and get out as the wind was so strong and it was blowing the fire straight for his house. He did as i said and very quickly.. I proceeded to call the electric and gas company, only to get the "If you speak English press one, blah blah blah.. "Aggravation set in.. Same thing with the gas company, but finally got to talk with someone and get the electric and gas shut off.. The talk was that the lady had been cooking chicken nuggets and went out and forgot about them.. It was a very intense several hours.. I was awake all night as i kept thinking i was smelling smoke to strong for comfort.. Well at 3:30 am i just rolled on out of the bed and went outside to take a look.. It was burning pretty good, but no wind... That was a little comfort for me.. the house was one of the oldest in our town, Old Doc Spain house... that is what everyone would say.. well you know where old doc Spain's house is/ most people did... I really feel bad for the family losing everything, but they have their lives.. most important.. I am in no mood i guess to post much more, sleep deprivation gets me... Have a great day everyone, and i will try to be back with better news.. Sheila

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