Wednesday, January 21, 2009


WEll i took a long walk down my driveway yesterday with a sign in hand and a hammer or should i say a Big sledge hammer and pounded a For Sale sign in the yard.. I am so excited about going to our new property. Leaving this wonderful house behind is only going to hurt for a little while. I am hoping for a quick sale. We have tons of work to do but Spring is not to far away and i am itching to be out on our 10 acres.. One thing i am not sure about is if we will have access to the INTERNET out there.. I sure hope so, but if we don't i guess i can get use to not having it again.. Was without it for many many years. I will have to give up my website, and blogging and that is the hardest part.. The internet just has so much information to access at your fingertips.. Well we will see how it all plays out. But for right now I will enjoy all the time i have ... I will check back in soon , as i have so much to do and so little time to do it.. None of you have that problem , do you? haha Sheila


Just Between Us Girls said...

OOOh my are for you...I wish we could...I would love to start fresh and not have so much enjoy every minute in your new home. Hope you can sell you old one in a flash.
Happy Days,

Just Between Us Girls said...

OOOh it is never to late for a comment and I love hearing from you. Thank you. Now you can find those dolls everywhere and they have them on Ebay and no doubt Etsy in the vintage area. I collect them whenever I can because they are great in so many types of art work.
I love to put them in a pocket pillow or stocking or on a shelf or any where I can think of.
Hope you find tons of them.

TattingChic said...

Wow, that is exciting to be moving to such a nice big property! Have fun!
Thanks for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH! Good luck to you. Hope you do learn to tat eventually regardless of what the random number integer picks!

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Sometimes Its nice for new beginnings, but you better have internet service, would hate to lose you. I'm sure you'll get some kind of servie, I mean come on. Hope everything goes in your favor, I'm counting on it..See ya soon.