Saturday, February 28, 2009

A day away from the house.

I had to venture out to town to buy a few groceries so i stopped in at a few places i have been missing for some time now.. I picked up a few goodies i want to share with you.. I found this great doll box, the kind that is mostly a tissue roll cover. This beauty is simply a box.. She is wonderful, and has such pretty hair..

I also found a few porcelain goodies.. baskets of roses, one is a Nuaov Capodimonte from Italy..and one is Royal Dover from England.. I also found this very pretty Egg shaped vase in the colors i love so.. It has the long footed legs and roses with gold trim.. It is aqua and pink.. I found a very pretty tablecloth, some little trays of some kind from Italy, silver i think. I added two more small cloches to my new collection. I also had give to me a very nice cake stand that i am painting white . i am into the wedding cake toppers now as well and found a heart shaped box with a bride and groom with doves on it. not a topper but still sweet. I will gather all this up and snap a whole shot of all of it together. Well as luck has it, my batteries on my camera are down, so i will get the photos another day.. But any way i did enjoy my day out, to get out some of the stress of this mess in my yard from the storm.. Enjoy your weekend..


C. C. said...

Hi Sheila!

I'm glad you are able to get out and about; it takes your mind off storms, etc.! I really like your hen with glitter!

C. C.

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

WOW! Sounds like you scored big time! How fun!!!!

Leanne Lonergan said...

Sheila...I love the pictures you have in your blog banner. I have some lovely old books here in my treasures and keepsakes that belonged to my mum when she was little...full of beautiful illustrations just like these...Feels so nice to visit here!

Forever Vintage said...

I can't believe the damage that was done to your home. What a storm. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am off now to read more of yours and check out favorite part!

Stephenie said...

Everything sounds so pretty!!! I'm glad you found some treasures. I also had an outing & found treasurs. Can't wait to show everyone. I just love your glitter hen. Hope there's not to much damage from the storm.

Forever Vintage said...

Hi Sheila

I got my fabric quarters from Shabby They are so pretty I don't want to use them!! I am planning on making pillows and recovering some chair seats.