Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A day out!!! To look for treasures.

Well i was actualy going shopping for a coat and i also wanted to get my hair cut.. So the young girl that was cutting my hair, was sooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooow.. But any way it gave me time to just contemplate.. I was looking at all the heads that the beauty school practices on.. Yes i went to a beauty school.. A light came on in my head... I wanted a Head.. So after i finaly got up from the chair, i went to the instructor and ask if they every had any heads the got rid of. She said as a matter of fact we do.. She said the girls shave their heads though when they complete their classes.. I said oh i dont care one bit.. So she brought me out this head... So after i got my head of hair cut and she gave me my head Free, yes Free... I headed over to Goodies , which is going out of business here in out state.. Guess what they had for sale? Oh come on guess... Yesssssssssssss you are right.. They had maniguns... I did not get on of the full body ones but just the shoulder down to the hips.. No arms on it though.. But any way i was happy to get this one. I also wanted to show a couple more birthday gifts i got.. ONe i have not took a photo of is a white Hammock chair my daughter got me.. She also gave me a beautiful set of Pink cuiesart kitchen tools.. Charlie my daughters boyfriend gave me a beautiful glass cloche.. I am so spoiled. haha Of course they took me out to eat as well.. the photo is of my daughter and her boyfriend charlie.. Such a sweet pair.. Just wanted to share.. Oh i will of course show you my head and body when i get it all dressed up..

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Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

You have a lot of great goodies. Does she have a name yet? A very lovely daughter you have Sheila...not bad with the fellow either. Have a wonderful day!