Friday, March 6, 2009

End of day two

NOt to much to show today .. they did get alot more done on the front porch.. It was such a beautiful day, in the upper 70's or low 80's that i sat out on the porch and enjoyed it.. They have more to do on it but i could at least enjoy the evening on it once again.. It is just so empty with out all the trees.. We lost 7 in all..


Catherine said...

I love your porch! My back porch is my relaxing space, where I sit to regroup. I`m sure you enjoy yours too. Sorry to read that you lost several trees.

boylerpf said...

I was sure hoping I would see you in that lonely chair...glad you did enjoy the end of the day there though!

Sweetina said...

Oh My goodness God Bless You and your family!
Thankgoodness the storm damage was something that was repairable!
You have such a beautiful home and i love the stonework! I would sit there on that porch also!
Thanks for visiting my blog,Shiela and I will be a new follower and catch up on all your daily adventures and thrifting fun over there in Arkansas!

C. C. said...

Hi Sheila!

How nice you are getting your porch done so quickly! We lived in Liberal, KS for a year and they had had a hail storm the year prior to us moving there; people were still waiting in "line" to get their roofs and cars fixed like 18 months after the storm!

I didn't realize chickins came as small as your silkies. We have laying hens (they are Matthew's responsibility), but Matthew thought your chicken was just alright!

Have a nice week!

C. C.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Sheila, I want some of that warm weather here, darn it! By the way I'm so glad everything is coming together for you. I love porches and yours is turning out great. I know how you feel about losing the big trees, but you you can always add a beautiful landscape. I'm sure it will all look very lovely when it gets done.

Take care my friend!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry about your tree loss but your home is looking good. Does insurance cover tree replacemtent?
I know you will be sipping ice tea and enjoying your porch soon. Mary

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Sheila,
OOOh I am so happy to see what has been accomplished on the house. I want you to be safe and sound and everything in order again. Thank you for the sweet comments. You are always so encouraging and up beat you do it is a miracle with what has been placed on your plate lately but it does look like things are really improving and I am very happy for you.