Thursday, May 21, 2009

WOW it has been such a long time.

Hello all, I know what your thinking. Where have you been.. At least i hope you were...I have been so busy since the storm hit in feb. WE are still trying to sell our home,and move on our ten acre property. We have bought a 16 by 80 mobile home to live in while we build our cabin. I will most def miss this house, but the trade off is wonderful. I know i am going to have fun shabbying up my mobile home.. Sweety says i have the talent(his permission) lol to do what i want as far as decorating goes. We bought a use mobile home, and it has blue carpet in it. We are tearing up the carpet in the living room and one bedroom. PUtting down some laminate flooring. I just don't know if i want to paint all white walls, or taupe walls.. I think i know what i want one day, then i am not sure the next.. I know none of you are that way... haha

I have actually went out thrifting , very little , but some... I got a few things wanted for my guest,crafting,computer room.. All this in a tiny 11 by 12 room. Yes I went over with my friend (Tape Measure) many times and we agree, what i want to put in the room , will fit....Some of my things will have to go in storage for a while.

I have some of my plants , planted at our property already, my hydrangias are doing so wonderful over there, they realy struggled here at this house. I have planted some climbing roses, azelias and my hydrangias.

Hope everyone is doing great and has a great summer. I will try to pop in more often, mabey with photos from time to time.. Just wanted to let everyone know i am still alive..


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You HAVE been busy...but its sounds like good things are coming up! New property, new exciting! Try to enjoy the process and don't forget to share picts!
Marcela & Clara
Nice & Easy Antiques

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

It's always fun to start on a new project.....a manufactured home would be fun to decorate. Your new adventure reminded me of an article that I read in Country Living was all about how a lady decorated a double wide....totally amazing. There is also another blogger, High Desert Diva, who decorated her manufactured home beautifully.


Chloe Rose
Kindred Roses

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Girl, That is nice of your husband giving you permission to do what you want. As for my husband he doesn't have a choice in the matter. lol I hope you sell your home soon, so you can put all your energy into your new home. How nice to have that much acreage too. Well I'm off trying to catch up with everybody's blogs. I've been slacking myself concerning my blog as well.

See Ya- Hugs,

C. C. said...

Hi Shelia!

I am sure you have been busy! Are you moving onto the property before you sell your house? That is always the ideal, isn't it? Every move we have ever made (except one when we were living in a camp trailer while working on a house) we had to do lickety-split, out of one place on Saturday and into the next on Sunday! What a stress!

Good luck on your decorating; it should be a lot of fun!

C. C.

Wanda said...

Hi Shelia, I lived in am manufactured home for several years. The only thing I didn't like was that it was only 1 level no upstairs. I love going up stairs, my craft studio is upstairs, I like to look out the window at the tree tops. Have great fun doing up your new digs. TTFN

C. C. said...

Hi Sheila!

I hope everything is going o.k. and you had a nice 4th of July. Thanks for stopping by to say "Hi!"

We need an update on your move and your "shabbying up" your mobile home!

C. C.