Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few Finds

I love the great art work on 50's and 60's packaging. I found several pair of Hosieries from the late 50' or early 60's. Beverly Jane Slack Mates , Ballet, and Crafts. All in the never opend packages. I also found some lovely Sarah Lugg Pink Hearts that are so sweet. Just wanted to let you see the great art of the past. I tried my best to get a good photo of the Beverly Jane slack mates, but the packaging is so light and the outer wrap reflects too much.


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Sheila, The hearts are darling-

Thanks for leaving me a sweet note... I appreciate you so much.

Much Love and Joy to You-

Mrs.T said...

What wonderful finds!! I too love the artwork on the products of yesteryear. And the hearts are lovely. Wouldn't they be nice to decorate with for Valentine's Day?

Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by to see my antique cards on show & tell. Stop in anytime.

God bless,