Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Piant .... Or not to Paint... That is the question!!!

Hello ... Fall has definatley arrived here at Georgia Ridge... Wet chilly weather ,leaves are changing colors, acorns are falling and hitting the barn roof, sounding like a shotgun going off.. I have been working on one of the old window greenhouses and am just about finished with it.. I will post a photo of it when we have some sun around here, in order to take the photo with.. lol

I found this realy cute candle holder and immediatley thought of painting it white.. I know it will look GREAT white, but with fall here, i am thinking of just leaving it black for a while.. The warmth of fall colors makes things more cozy for long,cold, grey winters.. If you had required this piece, where would you put it, and how would you decorate it? Mabey you do have this piece and would like to show us how you have it decorated... Hope to see many responces to this ... Have a great day...

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Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hey Girl, Good to see a post!

Leave it to you to find the strangest thing as this candle holder, at least it is to me. It looks pretty cool, but I'm a white person and I say paint it white and put smaller candles in it. This can be place oh my gosh anywhere and look great. Have fun displaying it!!

Great seeing you and looking forward to the next-