Monday, January 4, 2010

Still having Snow here And a goodie i found while out yesterday

Well we had to get out yesterday to look for some things to try to keep our water from freezing.. We hit goodwill before leaving town. But when we got home, our water was froze anyway. We live up higher then where we go into town is, so we are much colder here.. No water still this morning. Well things are tough all over... But my find was this sweet tiara made into a hair barrett. This will make something wonderful.. OH and i found this wonderful Large Box by Patricia Brubaker.. I love it.. Hope you all have a nice day..


Anonymous said...

Sheila-I love the sweet crown and the box is precious!

We lived in a mobile home for several years and it was fun to fix up! I textured the paneling, painted, put down laminate flooring and redid some of the trailer look fixtures etc. People were surprised when they found out it was a trailer though I thought the lower ceiling were a dead giveaway. I am glad we fixed it u for we were in it longer than we thought!


Adrianna said...

I read that your water was back to normal and you could get a hot bath now. I can relate totally. I've lived through tooooo many hurricanes and had no water afterwards. Sucks. But the tiara barrette is such a find I could live with my own stink for a few days just to see it sparkling in the right light :o)