Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cabin Fever got the best of me

After  a week of not being able to get off the mountain, when i finaly did get off the mountain, i went thrifting.. I think if i had no food in the house, or no meds or what ever, i would still have went thrifting first.. Am i bad, -----------> head hangin low as i walk to the corner for a time out. hahhaha... I picked a few things just because i love them.. either the way they look, or just because i felt something was good about them. I found a sweet little gilr figurine, on the bottom it has Maude Humphrey.. well i had never heard of this figurine.. But when i looked her up on the WWW... she is quite a collectible.. If she had her box and certificate she she could go for as much as 250.00... She is Sarah... I was floored when i looked her up. Yall i am cheap.. lol.. .I also got a vintage easter bunny candy container ... A UCGC trinket box, with the sweetest little bird.. . Some great strawberry fabric and laying on the fabric are three appliques. Lefton easter bunnies so sweet . well the photos will show all i got.. I love the Creamy Yellow Angoria sweater it is from the 50's Minklam Darlene is on the tag.. Hand embroidered bag of some kind, it is vintage and exsquisit. Vintage sarah cov braclette, Very bradley scarf,Yes i will list some of these on my website and some i may keep. If you see anything you would be intrested in before i get them all listed just shoot me an email...


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh Sheila, Look at all you finds, what a busy lady you are. I like the girl with the big shoes on.... who would of guess she would be expensive if you would of had all the other accessories with it. YOu just never know what's out there that you can even pass up.

I was so excited to see your comment today.... you made my day. I was going to say something else, and would you believe I can't think of it now. If it comes back to me I'll be back to let you know. I hate that when that happens... and I'll tell you a little secret it happens a lot. LOL

HOw about a Big Hug for a Nut like you.

Much Love-

soggibottom said...

Oh finds and treasure..I have a thing about anything that glitters.........
pleased you had such a great time.
x x x

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Sheila,
What an eye you have and that my dear is an incredible talent. I love that Maude Humphrey figurine ...just delightful...I want her in my photos with sachets and door dazzlers. OOh that pink rabbit is a dear and I love the vintage sweater...actually I love everything you found and I am with you...I would rather be on a treasure hunt then anywhere else.
Thank you for the lovely comments you always take the time to leave me. You are a DARLING.

Shirley said...

It looks like you had a very good time thrifting. Sometimes we just change our priorities to do something fun before we have to do what we are suppose to do. It makes our outing much more enjoyable. Happy Valentine and take care.

Nancy said...

What great finds! I am anxious for the spring and thrifting!

Love that sweater.

Anonymous said...

Sheila, you made me laugh aloud. I am on non-existent flea market/thrift store budget. Let me tell you it's driving me nuts. I feel like snagging $20 and running off treasure hunting on Sat. It's supposed to rain. Hopefully it will rain HARD so that I will be saved from myself, ha!