Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subject of the Day... IRONS

No this is not about to many irons in the fire, it is about Irons...  Now that is an oldie.. Did you every use one such as this one... -------->

I have not used one such as that but i have one i did use of my grandmothers but it is somewhere over the rainbow right now and i cant find my pot of gold to go look for it. lol.. but it looks alot like the one below..

my iron that i am useing (not a good idea) is making the lights flicker when i am ironing with it.

So i am going to start looking for a new iron.. What kind of iron do you have that you just love.. Or Hate... lol.... What is the features of it... If any... Looking for a great response on this subject...


soggibottom said...

What a lovely and unusual post..
It happens that I have a very old iron. It was used to iron lace collars and cuffs....
I can even remember my mother putting an iron on the fire grate to heat... JUST SHOW HOW OLD I AM...

I use an iron that sings and dances as it goes too...yet I still hate having to bring it out and iron anything...lasy... x x x

Shirley said...

I can relate to your old iron. We had them when I was growing up. In the winter time we would put them on the wood stove, get them nice and warm. Wrap them in paper to help warm our beds at night. My mother's first electric iron reminds me of your second picture. I am telling my age. I have a Black and Decker Quick and Easy iron at the moment. It fit my budget at the time and serves it purpose. Take care.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I laughed at the "lights flickering" comment. Not a good thing to happen when using something electrical. I agree that it's time to retire the old beauty & get a new iron.

I have 2 old irons sort of like your first photo. I never used them though. Just use them for decor.

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