Friday, March 19, 2010

It is Wacky Weather here

WE will have 70 degree weather here in Arkansas today and Saturday,but late Saturday evening into Sunday morning we have a winter storm watch.. lol...It would be pretty to see snow on the ground with the yellow daffodils peeking through.. It won't last long and it will be gone.

When we were trying to sell our home(well we still are). We had some people that were going to buy it, they wanted to go ahead and move in as the closing got moved to another day and there they were with all their stuff and no place to go. They came from another state. They went ahead and moved in, which was fine with us, they were buying it.. Well that is what they thought and us too. NOPE their deal fell through on their end and they had to leave.. IN the mean time, the lady took it upon herself to paint the living room and the fireplace.. Yep she painted out fireplace.. Now i had always wanted to paint the fireplace my self, but was not allowed to. She painted the walls a chocolate color and the fireplace an off white.. It was the going colors around here .. I guess it still is, but am going to have to live with that color for a while .. My walls were a cream color before. It made the room much larger looking. Although the room is 15 by 30.. It is a long narrow room. Well 15 feet wide is not to bad, i had two sitting areas in it .I can live with the color on the walls and the fireplace as our couch and love seat are a  wheat color or tan , i don't know for sure. lol

I am not even sure we will move back but a woman has to start thinking about these things you know.. 

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Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Well for one thing I don't think I would of done what you had done by letting them in.... so with you doing so, that was very nice of you to do that. Now with the woman taking it upon herself to start painting everything before it was a done deal, was a little bit nervy. I might of been a little bit mad about the whole ordeal, I have to hand it to you for being a good sport about it all. I hope though everything works out for you concerning selling your house.... I only want the best for you.