Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursdays Treasures.

I went out to errands and of course stopped in our great thrift store called "THE BARKIN BARN" it is a place that sells thrift store and collectibles to raise money for the no kill shelter for animals..  I love going there.. I found 5 pair of vintage genuine leather ladies gloves, ONe from France and one from Italy. Two pair from philipines and one that has no marks on them. They are all so supple and nice for vintage gloves.  These are for a very petite small framed lady. Or a young girl. There are three black pair and two navy. I am not going to post the photos here , but if you would like to see them just go over to my website and click on vintage hats and gloves.. You will find them there.  I also found some sweet toilet paper roll cover dolls, some vintage young girls patterns and some very pretty pink fabric.. A few rolls of ribbon as well. I am only posting photos of the two dolls. They have a sideways glance and just a tiny pucker on their lips.. So cute.  I hope each of you have a great day and weekend.. It is going to be in the 60's here .. I am going to be lovin' that.

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Shirley said...

Your dolls are so adorable and cute. I am going over to check out your website to see if your gloves are like mine. I have a pair that has such pretty bead work on them. I have another pair that is lace. It is interesting to see what we all have among our treasurers. You have a wonderful weekend.