Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old Windows Greenhouse

You have seen this greenhouse on an older post , from where we lived on our ten acres.. When i moved it back here I painted it and have added some gates to the side and porch post cut down from when the storm blew our front porch down..  I added the white candle holders to the tops of the post. I will be doing much more as time goes on, and i get one of those AHHHHHHHHHHH  Moments that hit me .. I will say , oh this or that would look great..


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Sheila, I'm a little slow in getting around these days. I've been helping my sister out with her landscaping and just to get to her house takes me awhile.

Hey girl, your iron fence looks great especially with the bird houses added to it. Gosh, this would look great in my sisters yard too. hmmmm you got me thinking!

Until next time.... Take Care!

Anonymous said...

gosh I have been so terrible about getting around lately. I do love that wonderful greenhouse of yours!! I spotted some old windows at one of the older ladies that we help and am trying to get up the nerve to ask her if I could have them!

Love the previous post too - I also think those thistles are so pretty. I wonder if someday they won't find that they are useful for something- kindof like George Washington Carver and the peanut discovery!

bee blessed

C. C. said...

Hi Sheila!

Thank you for stopping by. I like your greenhouse; it is nice to have the great outdoors to decorate. You don't have to dust the stuff and if the weather gets to it you just do something different!

C. C.

deliciagrey said...

You shared best image of your green house. I like your green house as well as decoration. Its too goo job.

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