Friday, June 13, 2008


Are you superstitious? It is Friday the 13.. I tend to not be superstitious but things are always brought to mind each time the day rolls around. My Grandmother, Maggie was her name, was very superstitious.. If a black cat crossed in front of us while we were driving, she would make me turn around and go back, not crossing the path the cat just took. Well one time i chose not to turn around and she told me well you just caused some bad luck.. The next day my cousin was hurt in a bad accident and she said see, i told you bad luck was coming.. Now, I do not think for one minute that i caused this to happen, but , it will always surface on Friday 13th. A few things that are suppose to bring bad luck.. Black cat's, walking under a ladder, closeing someones pocket knife when you did not open it (suppose to cut off your friendship.) so many others i can't recall right now. There have been many many great Friday 13th's that have well out numbered the bad ones. So just go out today and have a great day and just er on the side of caution..


Sherry/Cherie said...

I love the "idea" that Friday the 13th is meant to be "spooky" or "unlucky" but I've never experienced anything unusual (knock wood! hee!! had to throw that old superstition in there!!).

Sheila said...

haha sherry, that is a good one. It is a fun way to look at bad luck.. Thanks for stopping in . Sheila