Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Time

Well i wish i could say that vacation time was traveling around and going to great thrift stores, flea markets, ect.. ect.. ect.. but, we have to replace the roof on our shop building and do some other home repairs this vacation. So i may not have a lot of time for blogging for a few weeks. My garden is doing pretty good, have a lot of things producing their fruits. I am having sweety put a computer up in my crafting room. This room is my dream room, white, pink , robin egg blue, all the pretty stuff i love is up there. I have 70's red shag carpet still up there from the last owners.. I have to do something with that in the near futures. I love the carpet, but just not in my shabby vintage room. hahaha i guess the carpet is shabby, and it is vintage as well.. now there is food for thought..

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