Friday, November 14, 2008

Just to darn funny not to share

Here is a little part of my life i had not realy thought of shareing, not that i am ashamed or anything about it, just that I have not thought about it.. I have seen many bloggers put photos of their pets on their blog , so i thought i would share some of my photos with you.... Now i do not consider my chickens as pets, although i do have a few that are very sweet and like to follow me around..

The chickens i am wanting to share with you are my pure white silkies... lol.. well they are suppose to be pure white.. But when it rains, what is the first thing they do.. RUN!!!! straight for the mud hole.... they look so proud of what they are doing. This is not the dirtiest they have been but the only time i went out to take a picture of them while they were playing... haha

Another hobby i have is Angel Fish.. the photo shows my Angel Fish Pair (momma & pappy) with babies... Now they look like squiggles but have you ever tried to get 50 small fish to be still for a photo shoot.. IT AIN'T EASY.. hahaha I have raised a few babies up to to larger fish, but, this is not an easy thing to do.. You can start out with over 200 eggs and most will hatch, but they never make it to little swimmers... I enjoy both of my hobbies , chickens and fish as well as my shabby chic , crafting, and blogging.. Till next time...

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