Friday, December 19, 2008

Trying to keep up with way to many irons

I had to get on here and post at least some little something.. But i have to share with you three new links.. ONe is Michelles charm world. NOw let me tell you about this little lady. Michelle is a go getter.. she takes a lot of time to help out others by posting promo tutorials , to help guide you along the way if your , well challenged liked me. Please check her out.. You can find Michelles charmed world right over to the right of this page..

I also wanted to share El-shadia acres and Pamela williams.. This lady has a talent for makeing some great soaps, lotions, and lip blam that is out of this world.. Please go and check her site out. She uses fresh goat miilk to make her prouducts.. Yes it is creamy and some of the scents she has makes your mouth water.. You can find El-shadia acres on the right of this page as well.

Last but sure not least is a blogger friend of mine Sandra.. Sandra as many of us has found the love for romantic , shabby chic, roses, and pink stuff.. Sandra has a new blog called Romantique Inspirations.. Please drop by, check out her new blog and leave a comment to welcome her and of course look at her pretties...


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Shiela, I thought I would come by to harass you a little bit. No Seriously Keep up the good work. I really enjoy looking out for wonderful treasures on your other site. Thanks

Michelle said...

heyyyy!!! you are too sweet! Thanks so much!!!