Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold, Icey, White,brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Good morning all, hope this day finds each of you in good health and happiness. I am trying a new color for my blog, I am so in love with pink and aqua right now. I have some old sheets that are aqua with pink, yellow, cream and pale green on them. I took my sheet with me to wal-mart and had them scan the aqua color on the sheet to get some paint that exact color.. I am saving it for when we get moved , to paint something with.. lol,i have no clue yet what it will be. Attached is the sheet i scanned for you to see..
Well most of the north part of arkansas has been without power for two days now. They are talking that it could be at least a week for some rual parts of the state to have power restored. There was a bad ice storm here in 2000, but they say this one has that one beat . Red cross has set up places for people to go,to at least stay warm and have warm food to eat. Weather man said this morning we will have highs in teh 50's today for most part of the state, and sunny conditions for a few days, so at least that is a big step to getting things back to normal.

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Gossamer Creations said...

Hi Sheila,
Thanks for visiting my blog. It sounds like you have a busy February.. so many Birthdays ! I just posted about it being too warm here .... but the more I hear people talk about the cold maybe I am ok with it.
Have a great day !