Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a few Of my Favorite Dolls

Well it is not all dolls. I have a few stuffed toys i like simply because i liked the movie or because they are pink... I have a lullaby doll from the 1979 that has the pull string and the doll plays music and it's head moves.. I remember the thumbalina doll from when i was a baby, well a toddler. I did not like it at all, my mom said..

I have a sweet, pink, blue eyed doll i found at the thrift store. Those blue eyes got me.. But she was only 1 dollar.. I also have a porclein doll that has the same blue eys, she is in my collection as well.. Ty babies, yes i have one. My Ty, is Isabella, she is dressed up in a sweet animal print fur coat. Then i have a Macdonalds Chenille Kitty cat, from the talking animals collections. I have a verry pretty musical clown. This clown is dressed in a beautiful roses print and has gold pointed toe shoes on. This clown plays "A TIME FOR US" I also have a pink cat in the hat fish, and of course Piglett .. I do have a very old Whinnie Pooh bear ,and a very old stuffed pony, but they are already packed up for the move.. A few things that sit on my bed that make me smile..

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