Monday, January 26, 2009

One more for today

I have this sweet statue that i am going to paint and put out in my rose garden at our new property. I need some suggestions from you ladies that have an eye for this kind of thing. How would you paint this, and would you put a bowl of some kind on top where the candle holder is , to put bird seed in? Or would you just leave it for a candle? Or What would you do with it? Love to get your ideas.. Here is a nice cap for you to wear..
you know a thinking cap...haha Have a great day.. Sheila


Mary said...

That is perfect for a fairy garden! I think I would attach some sort of bowl for a bird feeder on top and that would help protect it from the elements. What is the statue made from?

Sheila said...

Mary, I am not sure what it is made of. It is heavy but feels like a hard plastic of some kind. It is not stone or concrete. Thanks for your suggestion. Kinda had that one in the back of my mind. Sheila