Friday, October 16, 2009

Pink Things from the WOODS

I was out walking with my pup Rowdy in the woods, Treasure hunting. We came up on a mound of rocks and stopped to let rowdy be nosey.. I was looking around too, as i saw what looked to be a white vase.. It was a white vase, milk glass vase with the star pattern.. But as i was picking it up i caught a scent of something very sweet and flowrery.. I looked around and saw these...I do not know what they are, but they must be a flowering fungus.. They look like a rose but that has not opened up, the softest shade of pink and white.. Nature can bring very beautiful things if we look.


Leann said...

hmmm...not really sure what they are either, but I agree - beautiful!


Gattina said...

It looks very pretty and a little strange, I am very bad in flowers and plants, I know what a rose and a tulip is, that's about all :) !

Anonymous said...